Nap. Snazzily.

Hey Snuggies, move aside. There's a new product for relaxation and it doesn't need sleeves...'cuz it's SNAZZY.

Okay seriously, how could I NOT talk about this on here?!

Has anyone else seen this Snazzy Napper thing? I laughed for a solid five minutes when I saw the ad. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it essentially a blanket with a nose-hole? But oh is it snazzy... ;)

I reneg. I think it may be more scary than snazzy. If you saw this scene what would you think?

I'm pretty sure if I saw this scenario on an airplane, I'd be deeply concerned that someone had died mid-flight and the stewardesses were trying to cover up the corpse. Either that or a snazzy terrorist had boarded the plane.

Maybe it's more appropriate for use in a car?

Oh wait, that's totally insane too. Kids, don't try "snazzy napping" while driving, k?

How about in between two total strangers?

I love that these guys are not paying any attention to the woman donning an ill-fitting burka next to them.

Are you all loving the Snazzy Napper as much as I am? Good, 'cuz you're all getting one for Christmas. You can thank me later. ;)

Want more ideas for portable nap spaces? Check out the Sleepyhead mattress cover and the cocoon chair. Nap away!

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