Beardo the Weirdo?

B has a beard right now. He claims it makes it easier to get ready for work in the morning, since he only has to shave around the beard instead of shaving his whole face. I'm not really sure that a hot Maryland summer is the best time for it, but whatever, it's his face. I think he looks very handsome with the beard, though I don't necessarily love touching it; however, he's promised it will be gone by next week, so for now I'll be okay with the look.

However, my friend Dan does not agree. The other day - in a fit of rage at his own ineptitude to grow anything but a weird scraggly blond beard - Dan texted me that having a beard is (and this is a direct quote) "an antiquated, cro-magnon like [sic], redneck, homeless look." Ouch. :)

Well, Dan, in response, I give you the following exhibits:

Yummm. Except for Matthew McConaughey, who kind of is a homeless cro-magnon man, these men are all highly functioning, very attractive men who can rock a beard pretty nicely.

Oh yeah, this bearded guy was pretty good too:

So take that. And next time we decide to throw a Stache Bash, I'll put my money on B. ;)

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  1. I full disagree with this sentiment. Who is that first guy? He clearly is being led to some sort of holding cell by a constable. That's exactly the type of expression you'd have after you were arrested. Abraham Lincoln was the shit, but you've got to admit that fashions do change in 150 years. Those other dudes clearly have grown their beards out in preparation for a "derelicht" style fashion show where they play homeless bums or for a lumberjack movie. There really is no excuse for a beard in this day and age, except perhaps that you're so poor as to not be able to afford a razor.