Old-School Americana

I was perusing A Continuous Lean (which is sort of a mannish site, but still has amazing content and is well worth the look, if you have some time) the other day and came across these photos of a family in 1950s and early 60s America. They're all from one man's flickr stream, as posted on ACL. At first I scanned through them, bemused but not particularly involved, but went back to them later on. I can't get over how different life looked back then. It actually looks like a set from Leave it to Beaver or some movie (Pleasantville perhaps?). Keep in mind these are real photos from a family and not Hollywood-ized versions of what we think that time was like. It's so crazy to look back at these. I wonder if people will look at pictures of the 2000s and think we look hilarious. At least we don't still have 80s hair...Now if we could just get rid of leggings once and for all.

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