Hangover hoopla

I can't believe I missed my normal postings on Friday. It was the first time I haven't posted anything at all on a weekday since I started this blog experiment. I'd like to say it was for a good reason - rushing off to rescue a cat from a tree? build a house for charity? to pick up my unexpected lottery check? - but alas, I'm embarrassed to say I was just plain hungover and in bed. Oops. I guess I overindulged in my little "summer vacation" a bit too much the night before. The good news is that I pulled myself together (with a lot of moaning and groaning, one very long shower, two Advil and a trough of water later) and dragged myself off to my scheduled plans without further incident. I will post about that in just a moment though. But in the meantime, my apologies for the brief intermission in blogging and a big ol' duh to myself for being an old lady, but pretending to be 21 again for a night. I guess I got what I deserved. :)

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