Friends flashback

Not to be the biggest nerd ever, but for some reason I felt compelled to share something I discovered last night. I haven't watched Friends since its grand finale in 2004 - not even one of the ever-running repeats that seem to be perpetually showing on TBS and other channels - but for some reason I happened to stop on it last night and actually watched the full episode. This particular one was near the end of the series (Rachel had just had her baby and Phoebe had just met Mike - I forgot that Paul Rudd played that character!). I rarely laugh out loud at tv shows, but I think I chuckled, snorted or actually laughed at least five times during the show. I miss that! That's all I have to say, nothing majorly important to share here, just thought it was funny to remember how funny Friends was (and still is, evidently) and wanted to share. Nerd time over. :)

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