"Sucked in" by vampires?

Oh no.

Truth time. My book club made me read the first Twilight book, even though I resisted vehemently and refused to actually buy it (annoyingly stating that it was a teen book and I would not bring myself to spend the $25 [it was still hard cover at that point] on a book about vampire love). One of those crafty girls lent it to me. Shoot. So, I bucked up and read it. And I totally got sucked in.


I voraciously tore through the second one shortly thereafter (also lent to me, after eating crow and shamefully begging my friend Sarah for it), but thought I had escaped it for a while when I couldn't find a paperback version of the third and fourth books in the airport on a recent trip. I still refused to go in the teen section at Barnes and Noble to seek it out, so I gave up for a while. Then, on a trip the library the other day, they had not only book 3, but also book 4. Darn again.

So here I am, a full-on adult (at least age-wise), totally absorbed in book 3. I started it yesterday and think I will be finished with it in a day or so. (Though please note that I am not sitting around reading it all day; I do read really fast. Sheesh.) I am fairly certain I'll go through the 4th book equally as quickly.

Does this make me a 14 year old girl? Anyone else sucked in like this?

Side note: what's up with the plethora of vampire-based entertainment these days? First the Twilight series, then True Blood and now a vampire on show on the CW??

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  1. If you like the teenage version of this story, then you'll definitely get super-withdrawal-addicted to True Blood. Surrrriously. I watched one episode from the first season, went to HBO on Demand, and watched the entire first season and got caught up on the second season. It's the highlight of my monotonous, sad week.