Annapolis is neither New York or LA. I wouldn't want it to be. I love that it is a "mini city" - we have tons of restaurants, bars, things to do and see, but we don't have the traffic or grime, the constant noise, etc.

We also don't have Pinkberry or Red Mango, something I was pretty okay with (though I'm not going to lie: I make my best friend take me to Pinkberry for a smoothie every time I visit her in NYC). But, someone wants to try and make Annapolis more like its larger contemporaries, and hence, we now have a Yofiore:

I went there recently, seeking refuge from the heat wave we're having, and hoping for a small bit of Pinkberry-ness. I definitely got a similar experience - not quite as good, but pretty close. The interior is a definite knockoff of Pinkberry, with its glossy surfaces, modern Euro/Asian styling and white modern hanging lights. But seriously, we're not in New York - why are the prices just as exorbinent? I skipped the yogurt (having not loved the "original" flavor at Pinkberry - too tart) and went for a smoothie instead. It was pretty good, but ended up costing almost 6 bucks. I don't think I'll make this a regular stop - I love the authentic gelato down the street too much - but it was a good occasional treat.

Do you have one of these Yogurt places near you? I haven't had Red Mango, but I hear it's better than Pinkberry. Who's your winner in this so-called Yogurt War that's cropping up in major cities?

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