Have a great weekend!

Photo from celestephotography

We're quickly approaching some of the last true summer weekends (though I'm hoping for at least four more weeks of good weekend weather after this one), so I'm going to try to be outside as much as possible. Luckily, we're planning on going to a free outdoor concert in Annapolis on Friday, B's sister's birthday party (an outdoor BBQ) on Saturday, and B's first baseball playoff game (go Pirates!) on Sunday. I am hoping to ride the scooter to the concert at the very least.

I'm sad we haven't made it to the beach this summer (doesn't that photo look fun?), but with Maine coming up in two weeks, we still have a fun summertime trip to look forward to. Here's hoping you have some fun summer plans before it's over and that you get to be outside for some part of this weekend (if it's not too hot!). Have a great one and see you Monday!

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