Holy guacamole

I am a disaster in the kitchen. My anxiety runs most wild there, making me a nervous chef, not able to readily experiment and go with the flow, as cooking requires. I am, however, an excellent baker - probably because I can meticulously measure, mix and time things.

I've been forcing myself to try some more recipes lately; mind you, I'm starting slowly - very slowly - but I now have a few under my belt for which I no longer require a recipe or measurements. (This is a major accomplishment for me. Someone should be blowing a horn right now or something.) The recipes I feel I've really got under control are: chili (vegetarian or turkey), pesto, butternut squash soup, pasta salad, cereal (ha ha), smoothies of all types, and guacamole. (I said these were baby steps!)

I am finally comfortable with making guacamole. We've been loving it all summer - both as a dip on its own or as part of an entree. I make it just like everyone else (there are millions of recipes out there, but they're all basically the same), though I do alter the measurements depending on what ingredients I've got on hand, their ripeness and overall flavor. But that's real cooking, right? If you can, I'd advocate everyone make or buy some guacamole asap, while the avocados are still in season. That's it for now - no earth-shattering recipe or insider trick - just thought I'd share my love for guac as of late, plus the photo I took at the top before I made my latest batch. Yumm. Enjoy!


  1. Don't forget the cilantro and squeeze some lime on top when everything's mixed in :)

  2. Thanks, Marcy - I can't believe I forgot those crucial additions! And no matter how many times I make guacamole, it never compares to the amazing guac you and Matt made for us! I attribute it to you guys being so awesome, plus your advantageous location in SDCA! :)