Last-ditch summer

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With fall just around the corner, B and I have been talking about what summery things we want to do before the weather gets cooler and the long summer days are all gone. My list could go on and on being that I love summer so much, but here are our top 10 to-dos before summer's done:
  1. Ride the scooter - especially downtown (for gelato perhaps?)
  2. Go to an outdoor concert - my favorite summertime activity
  3. Make more fresh guacamole - mmmm
  4. Lie on a blanket and look up at the stars (need to find a field around here - or maybe the beach?)
  5. Kayak someplace new (we'll definitely do this in Maine - the island just across the way with a lighthouse on it is at the top of my list)
  6. Head out on our friends' boat for some wakeboarding (or faceplanting, in my case)
  7. Pick crabs with friends - ideally arriving dockside by boat
  8. Walk on the beach barefoot and dip our toes in the surf
  9. Watch B play in his baseball league playoffs (go Pirates!)
  10. Sit outside at Davis', Carrol's Creek, Sly Fox or elsewhere in Annapolis and watch the boats, eat, drink and hang out with friends all day
I just fell in love with summer all over again (I'll just pretend the past two days of 100-degree mugginess and misery didn't happen). I can't wait to get cracking on this list! Think we can do all of this before Labor Day? We're already booked through September, but I'm hoping we'll get to sneak some of this in.

And this too.

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