Parcels of goodness

I read about Parcel on Abbey Goes Design Scouting and immediately headed over to check out their wares. I didn't expect to love their whimsical trimmings and treats as much as I did. How fun would it be to receive one of their variously themed parcels (shown above), which range from a nature's elements theme to faerie wonderland or nesting instincts themes? I think I would maybe just order one for myself to have on hand come the holiday season, or even better for the random crafts or various birthdays throughout the year, though these would make an amazing gifts to send to a faraway friend who likes crafting or some creative inspiration.

The Parcel shop is fun to peruse - I especially recommend taking a virtual tour of the shop's interior - it's like Paper Source on helium and fairy dust. I could hang out there all day, poking through this colorful bobs and bits. And to think it's in New Jersey! (Sorry, Jersians. I might as well put it out there right now that I don't like Bruce Springsteen either. Can we still be friends?)

Last, I saw these "glass glittered embellishments" in the online shop:

I looove them, but I was thinking - since they range from $8-$12 each - do you think I could make these myself? I could either buy pre-cut shapes like these or stamp similar ones on cardstock and then cut them out myself. Spray-adhesive them (or just use a glue stick all over), then sprinkle with good glitter. I think it could be doable. Thoughts? (And I don't want to detract from Parcel's lovely goods. Just thinking I could maybe find a more affordable option for these last embellishments. Thanks for the inspiration though, Parcel!)

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