Back from Philly on a gray day

I'm back from the City of Brotherly Love and happy to be in my pretty little city (Annapolis). I'm feeling good today, but I know not everyone might be since it's pretty gross out this morning. Are you having a rough morning because it's Wednesday and because it's supposed to be gray, rainy and even sleet today? Well, don't feel too bad, I'm sure tomorrow will be better. But just in case you need some consolation, here's a little something for ya:

Card by crackeddesigns on Etsy, via Lovely Happenings

To you I say:
Sorry things are in the crapper.

Ha! (And sorry for the laaame sense of humor.) :)

But really, no, no, things are not in the crapper, despite the weather and it only being Wednesday. It'll be Friday soon enough (woohoo!) and sunny once again. I hope your day is a good one...and if not, I'll be back here in a bit with lots of ridiculous things to distract you either way.


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