On Saturday B and I were weighing our options of what we wanted to do that night and, after waffling several times on what was ultimately a completely non-important decision, I said, "okay, so what's the deal, dude?" to which B responded with, "I don't know, what's the dill, pickle?"

We both laughed for about five minutes after that (don't judge our third-grade senses of humor), and I seriously thought perhaps my boyfriend was a genius for coming up with that phrase on the sly.

Turns out he's not as creative as I thought:

Organic t-shirt from Cafe Press

I didn't know other people knew that one too.

Boooo. That's okay, I still love you anyway, B.


  1. Haha.... I laughed too, if it makes ya feel any better.

  2. Thanks for the pity laugh, girl. You ARE a dear friend. ;)