In a pickle

Photo from T Magazine (The NYT's style magazine)

Who knew my kickball team was so trendy? We've been drinking picklebacks after our games for over a year now. Way to catch up, New York Times...

(And in case you don't know what a pickleback is, it's a shot of vodka, chased with a shot of pickle juice. The NYT article cites it as a shot of whiskey [Old Crow bourbon or Jameson, specifically] followed by the brine from a jar of spicy dill pickles, but I'd rather have vodka any day. Ouch.)

I know it sounds disgusting, but it's actually really good. Just as the bite of the alcohol (vodka, bourbon, whatever) hits your throat, you shoot the pickle juice, which has a salty/sweetness to it that totally vanquishes the burn of the liquor. Check out the full article here for a more eloquent and entertaining description, plus an interesting "history" of the drink. Maybe you'll try this green treat for St. Patty's Day?


  1. I just had one at lunch with Jameson, the bartender was more than gracious giving me a double with a solo cup filled with picklejuice. Apparently I was the first person to ever do a pickleback at the bar..named Cooleghans! Its quite good, as I am not a fan of Irish Whiskey.

  2. That sounds particularly disgusting. I hate pickles and pretty much refuse all shots that don't taste like dessert. Say what you will about my drinking prowess. :P

  3. Illskematiks, I'll keep this between you and me, seeing as you were drinking during work. But then again, it was St. Patty's Day, so maybe it's allowed just this once... ;)

    Lauren, yeah, this one's only good if you like pickles. Mmm...