To top it off: cupcake kits

I don't have kids yet for whom to plan birthday parties, yet I still feel oddly compelled to buy all of these amazing cupcake kits immediately.

These gorgeous mermaids are perfectly at home here on Sea*Life*Style.

I can think of a certain little boy (Finny Finn Finn) whose mom is going to snap up these pirate toppers immediately...

A cute gender-neutral option:

This one's girly all the way:

Perhaps I'll host a tweet-up and serve cupcakes adorned with these (grasping at straws here, looking for a reason to buy one of these kits!):

I can honestly see some dog-obsessed grown-ups buying these for their dog's birthday party (I still think it's hysterical [cough *weird* cough] that people do that):

Maybe I'll get these for the next friend of mine who has a baby shower:

I die with the cuteness.

p.s. Most of the cupcake themes also have coordinating party supplies, from invites to paper plates and napkins, etc. Check out the full selection here. So cute!

Spotted on Oh Happy Day!


  1. Maybe when B and I finally get a puppy, I can buy the Woof Woof set and we can join the ranks of the crazy people who throw their dogs parties! It'd be a good excuse to get one of these sets, at least... :)

  2. Covi, Finn, PirateMarch 26, 2010 at 2:51 PM

    Forget the pirates, I want the mermaids!!!!!

  3. OMG, my friend Natalie would totally get the dog ones! She's crazy like that.