Work, work, work

Loving this quote (and so pretty in that script). I'm actually working right now, hence the late blog post. I'll be back later, but for now, I'm getting back to work!

Also, I'd be quite happy working here any day:

I have that chair and a similar desk, but I seriously need to do some styling to get to that level of decorated-ness (though maybe minus the zebra-print rug!).

In the meantime, work it out (or make it work)! :)

Quote via Destined to Design. Photo from Elle Decor April 2008, via Good Bones Great Pieces.


  1. Covi, Finn, PirateMarch 30, 2010 at 2:35 PM

    How did you creep into my office and take a photo? That is my personal space!

  2. Also, please see cover of this month's Pottery Barn catalogue. Should help you stylize.