Piano men on ChatRoulette

A few weeks back I talked about the site ChatRoulette (you can find my post about it here) and wasn't sure whether I thought it was creepy or cool. I've since tried it - actually at a party with a big group of friends, which was funny but random - and still think it's a bit creepy. However, I am loving the piano man mystery that's popped up on ChatRoulette, started by a guy named "Merton."

You see, Merton freestyles songs about the people he gets matched with on ChatRoulette. He wears his sweatshirt hood up, he's a pretty good piano player, and has witty lyrics. Check him out:

Spotted on roblahblog

Kinda funny, right? Well, buzz started going around that "Merton" was actually musician Ben Folds. Merton came out saying he wasn't, but still people thought it might be him. (He's not, by the way.)

Anyway, Ben Folds heard about this and decide to do an homage to Merton before a live concert audience in Charlotte, NC. Hilarious. Here it is (Warning: there is some cursing in here...):

Both hilarious. I haven't been on ChatRoulette since that time at the party, but if I ever do go back on, I'm crossing my fingers that I'll get Merton (or Ben)! :)


  1. I am SO creeped out by Chat Roulette. This is the first I've heard of it. Thanks Rach!

  2. Check this out! Merton's video was taken down!

  3. Boo! I can't believe they pulled Merton's video from YouTube! I really doubt him playing "Fireflies" on the fly (ha) is a copyright violation - I bet they took it down b/c the people in the videos didn't know they'd be all over the place. I miss it already... :(