Have a great (rainy) weekend!

Photo via Absolutely Beautiful Things

I am running out the door with a million things to do before this evening sneaks up on me. We have a busy, busy (rainy) weekend, starting with the second-ever Annapolis Wino Club tonight - for which I need to bring some tasty treats (and haven't even thought of what to do yet!). Tomorrow we head up to Phila for a friend's birthday party at a country western bar; yes, you read that right - and we're trying to squeeze in a pit stop to the Erin Express on the way. Yikes.

Don't forget to set your clocks forward tonight before you go to sleep - Sunday is Daylight Savings! I'm shuddering to think of losing that hour of sleep, but at least it means an extra hour of sunlight for the days. Hurray!

(Oh and don't forget the unveiling of the new Liberty of London line at Target this weekend! If I wasn't going to be running around PA, I'd be there at door's open on Sunday!)

See you back here Monday, when hopefully this rain will be gone and the days will be longer and bright?

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  1. in europe we don't start our summertime just yet, but on the last sunday of march. i actually had to check... that is one tradition i would gladly see go, it always messes me up for weeks.

    love the green windowsills! i'll be posting similar pictures once my chilis have more leaves. ;)