Herrrrre, pretty birdie

Sweet adorable B is such a nature boy. Even in our abode high up on the third floor, where we have no garden and no dirt, he's somehow managed to bring the outdoors in.

Now, he's harkened all kinds of creatures (okay, just birds and squirrels, really) to our windows by rigging a bird feeder off the deck and squarely in front of one of our living room windows so that we can sit on the couch and observe the wildlife high up here. He's so MacGyver meets Martha. (He even has bird calls on his iPhone - nature dork and tech nerd all in one! Just kidding, I love this kid to bits.)

I wonder if he'd like one or a few of these lovely original watercolors:

Watercolors by Dimdi on Etsy, spotted on I Suwannee.

Aren't they beautiful? She does other animals too:

And tons more... at only 25 coins each. Not bad! All available here.

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