Even cowgirls get the (fashion) blues

First zebras, now horses. I guess all this sunshine's getting to me...

But no, this post isn't really about horses. It's about cowgirls. Or more importantly, what is the appropriate attire to wear to a surprise birthday held at a western bar? (Assuming that I'm playing the role of "cowgirl" for the evening.) Yessiree, this western bar is complete with country line dancing, a mechanical bull and what's sure to be a dazzling array of mullets. Can't wait. {sigh}

I always look to Kate Moss for inspiration. What do you think about this get-up?

Photo via dress design decor

Very glamorous with the diamonds, long hair and leo, no? Hmm, it'd be nice and sleek for riding the bull, but I might get chilly.

Perhaps I should go a more traditional route?:

Photo via Daddy Likey

But where are this cowgirl's pants?!

Maybe glam is the way to go. Hermes certainly likes their cowgirls fancified:

Uhhh, yeaaah, I don't think the bar will be quite that fancy.

How about this other look from Hermes?:

Photos via Delight By Design

Yeh, maybe not. That's a little too Matrix/trained hit killer/cowgirl for me.

Well, if all else fails, I could just throw on these puppies and all will be right in the (country western) world:

Back at the Ranch custom boots, via I Am A Greedy Girl

Unnnh, perhaps I have some more thinking/shopping to do....

What do you think? Any suggestions on cowgirl attire without looking like a tranny rodeo clown? ;)


  1. Defintely cowgirl boots and a cowgirl hat...anything in between is just your usual cool self. It's the boots and the hat that make it....maybe bring a lasso :)

  2. Ha...I wonder if I could commandeer a lasso on short notice. ;)

  3. I could get you one direct from cowboy friends in Idaho

  4. Oooh, I'm all about authenticity - that would be cool! :) Except if I then got arrested at the bar for bringing in a "weapon" of sorts...Hmm, maybe I'd better stick to jeans, boots and a hat. Thanks for the offer though! :)