Green Marker sticky book marks

I'm a huge reader and I especially love books. I don't mean reading my blog roll online, not internet articles, not Kindle e-books; I love the actual feel of the paper and the heft of the hardcover. With this reverence for books, I never turn down the pages to mark my place - I hate creasing the pages like that! Then again, I don't really like bookmarks either (except these!); they're usually much too Hallmark or granny-ish for my tase.

That's why I'm loving these awesome page markers from Yuruliku Design. Removable, but cute if you want to leave them, and when you mark a bunch of thoughts, passages or entries, you have your very own garden in a book! Great idea, great design.

Available here (if you can read Japanese) or roughly translated here.

Via Benign Objects.


  1. that is sick, I am liking this alot- only problem :: bookshelves

  2. What, do you have the shortest bookshelves in the world? I get what you're saying though... Maybe just settle for a little fake garden on your bookshelves? One that may or may not be a bit tamped down?