Have a great weekend!

Did I really just read that there is a chance of snow today?? I thought we'd been over this, weather - it's spring now - act like it! Jeesh. Fine fine, if this is just March's way of finishing up the lion part, and you're about to go out like a lamb, I guess I can deal for one more weekend...

Photo from Mary Ruffle

In the meantime, I'll be opening windows (after the snow, I suppose), enjoying the sunshine if it peeks out for a bit, and having a good weekend. We're going to a friend's 30th birthday fiesta (margarita! ay yi yi!) and then back in time for baseball for B - if it doesn't get rained out, that is. Either way, I'm excited for another weekend and some fun hanging out with friends.

Monday will be here soon; enjoy yourself in the meantime (and hope to see you back here Monday!).

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