Late, very late, grammar, and the Candelier

Hello, bloggie friends and TGIF! I'm verrry late today in posting, I know. Fridays are oh so very busy around here and this Friday is no exception. My bad. A peace offering to make it up to you?

How about this amazing Candelier? It's a chandelier made of 5,000 acrylic gummi bears; yummm. It takes about two months to complete just one Candelier, and they're only making 10 ever. I don't know if I could resist reaching up and plucking off a gummi when I felt hungry...after a while my Candelier might get a bit holey (but it's just so cute either way!). A child's (slash my) dream!

And speaking of very late, can you believe I missed National Grammar Day yesterday? Me! Grammar nerd extraordinaire! Boo.

The sign above is a bit of a grammar emergency, but it isn't a dire situation, so we shouldn't have to break (or brake) anything.

I'll be back in a bit with a final post before I head out for the weekend. See you in a bit?

Cheers (and apologies for the MIA day), r.

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