Symmetry scarves

Seeing that tomorrow is the official first day of spring (halle-frickin'-lujah!), I realized I was in a now-or-never situation for posting these new scarves from Symmetry:

They're obviously too heavy for spring - though I was recently informed that scarves are in all year long now (What am I - 80? I know I can wear a scarf whenever I want to! Thank you for sharing, snarky sales girl who was 12 ;) ) - but perhaps they're worth the wait for next year (and they're not available until next fall anyway). What do you think? Cool or weird?

I love the hardware and the I-just-threw-this-on-and-look-what-an-oh-so-cool-shape-it-made-without-me-even-trying styling. Very hipster-y. My only concern is that I'd end up looking like a gay Duke from the 18th century or a Bedouin trying to protect myself from a sandstorm. And yet I'm still strangely into them...

Spotted on Design Crush.