Stupid is as stupid does

Diesel's new "Be Stupid" campaign is a boggling mix of brilliance and (obviously) idiocrasy for me. The taglines are pretty great. I didn't include a few of the ads because I've read that a lot of people were supremely offended by the messages they send re: women (one ad shows a woman flashing a security camera and another shows a woman taking a picture of her crotch). They didn't really faze me, but then again, I liked all of the Jackass movies, so let's just say that my sense of humor isn't the most uppity.

Love or hate these, you have to give the ad designers some credit for concept and tag:

The headline above is wise beyond its stupidity!

Originally seen on Yes and Yes.

Kinda funny and great, eh?

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  1. heh heh.... I'm so easily amused in general today. love it.