Give me Liberty...of London

The one good thing about my slacking yesterday is that I got to check out the new Liberty of London collection for Target (which you can check out in its entirety here). I've been getting tweets and seeing blog posts all over the place about how the LoL goods have been sold out or totally picked over in Targets across the country in the one day since their debut on Sunday, but my Annapolis Target seemed to have a decent amount of stuff.

I wasn't too impressed with the stuff when I saw it online, but it all turned out to be a lot nicer in real life. I was super proud of myself for walking out with only one item in hand (woohoo, budget!) - this chemise in case you're interested - but I was tempted to scoop up a lot more.

This bedding was gorgeous and silky smooth:

My Target didn't have any of the bicycles, but I love this beach cruiser in floral:

More cute bedding, all styled up:

(Though I wouldn't make B sleep in something this girly...)

This little girl's romper is so stinkin' cute:

I know the print on this dress isn't looking too hot in the online photo, but it was pretty in real life. The cut was really flattering once the belt was cinched in, and I was totally into the neckline, which closed with a simple button on the left shoulder. Totally cute, but overall wasn't the best for me and my "strong" shoulders...

This blouse also looks hideous in this photo, but it was sweet and spring-y in real life. The fabric on the ruffled collar felt really thick and luxurious and I loved the playful, colorful print. Sadly, my shoulders were again just a bit too much to carry off such a fluttery neckline.

Last up, this bathing suit was really cute:

So what about you? Had you heard of the LoL arrival? Have you been to check it out, or have you found any Liberty of London goods that are not-to-be-missed at your Target? Do tell...

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  1. I can't wait to buy this stuff when I'm IN London. That's right, get jealous. Maybe if you're good I'll bring some gifts home. ;)