DIY mini-greenhouse

Terrariums are so hot right now, and this craft project from the April 2010 issue of Country Living fits right in. Their mini-greenhouse/terrarium is DIY and so stinking cute. Best part: the only materials you need are pre-fab wood picture frames.

Admittedly, it'll take a bit of work on your part (some how-to photos below), but the finished product (above - so pretty) more than makes up for the time and elbow grease.

Isn't that an awesome craft? I'm thinking this is right up B's alley... Full instructions and step-by-step instructions here.

Spotted on Love Obsess Inspire.


  1. When you make it big with your Martha-like empire, I want in on the deal! I figure friends since 7th grade has earned me somethin!

  2. i've been wanting to make a bigger little greenhouse for my balcony from old windows, but getting my hands on picture frames is probably easier. the timing of this post is perfect for me: i'm about to head out to buy a big, cheapo frame for my new studio violet poster, and if they are still having that -50% sale i might just buy one or two or eight extra...

  3. Sylvi, so glad to hear this was a timely post! My boyfriend tried to make a mini greenhouse of old window panes as well, but...let's just say the project is no longer with us. ;) I love the idea of using frames, though. If it works for you, send me pics and I'll post them! (Or put them on your own blog and let me know.) Good luck! :)