A tip-top laptop

My friend Andrea has a new job and along with it a swanky new Macbook (congrats on both new acquisitions, A!). To protect said shiny new Macbook, she wants a "trendy but professional" laptop sleeve, but she's having a hard time finding something that fits the bill. When I got my laptop a few years back, I went through the same thing, and eventually gave up, buying an el cheapo sleeve for "just in the meantime" (let's not discuss that it's years later and I'm still using that same sleeve).

It seems that quality but cute laptop cases - ones that are not the obligatory hideous black bags provided by your employer or attained free from some conference - are notoriously hard to come by. I knew there had to be at least some trendy options out there that would still be work appropriate, so I did a little searching for A (and maybe I'll finally replace that tired old sleeve I've been using for "just in the meantime").

It turns out I found a huge variety of styles, shapes and designs, so I thought I'd share them with you, in case you're looking for a laptop sleeve too. Here are some of the options I found:

This Amy Butler laptop sleeve is business on the outside (well, maybe not exactly business, but generally sleek) and all fun on the inside. I love AB's cheery prints! This tomato-colored option is a nice bright pop of color, but if you want something a bit more mellow, it also comes in navy. $80.

This Abbi sleeve in giraffe is a bit more wild... (yes, I'm just leaving it at that horrible pun - no further comment needed, right?). $49.95.

I like that the quilting detail and leather trim keep this case from being ho-hum. The color is also a pretty plus (and it also comes in fushchia or black if indigo's not your thing). On sale now for $59.

Isn't this Rainer Spehl "Good Wood" laptop case gorgeous?! I practically drooled on my keyboard when I saw it. It's a contemporary and non-traditional design that still feels totally chic. Good indeed, but it'll cost ya - 240 euros - ouch.

These two Colcasac cases (1 and 2) are a little less luxe than the "Good Wood" case above (perhaps it's the sherpa fleece lining that makes them feel more low tech to me), but I like some of the fabric choices:

Kinda cute, right? The good news is that they're only $34.95.

If you really must have an uber-corporate aesthetic, the above Acme Made perforated leather case will do the trick. I could see a tech-sector or legal person rocking this one. Kind of Matrix-y but still nice. $59.95.

Going in a totally different direction, this laptop bag from TrackandFieldDesigns on Etsy is all French cottage charm in slate damask linen. That bicycle is adorable and keeps things interesting. $48.

I actually really like this Timbuk2 bag (the sole bag I've included here, since both Andrea and I were looking for sleeves). It kind of reminded me of a gym bag or bowling bag at first, but it's hugely functional - as all Timbuk2 products are - plus it's got a great coral color (also available in chartreuse and black) and best of all, it's only $32.50.

These next options are from German company (just for you, A!) called Velvet Idole. I liked them for not only the classic style and supple leather, but also offer because they offered either stylish solids or fun prints:

Each 69 euro.

Moving away from classic leather and straight for the uber-frou frou style, these Violet May cases are perfect for any glamazon fashionistas you know:

I mean, if python and pastels don't scream girlie, I don't know what does. :) Sadly, this much girlieness will cost you $213.80 (yiiikes).

This case is also from Violet May, but I thought perhaps it was from the Joan Collins a la Dallas collection (ha). Oh, and the price matches: $272.55 (double yikes).

On to two of my favorite cases, both of which are from Thomas Paul:

The love birds case, $50.

And the Luddite Typewriter case, also $50.

You might recognize this next case from some amazing write-up somewhere... ;)

The BookBook case goes for $79.99.

This next one's a little less old school and a little more new school: The PLASTICA cover has a fun little pocket on the outside for your iPhone, iPod or whatever gadget you use most:

Plus, if the orange is too over the top for you, it also comes in gray. The gray cover is $78 and the orange $82.

This Palmer & Sons sleeve is a bit masculine, but I love the classic leather and the cool hardware. What do you think?
$350 (gulp).

This case is definitely not masculine, but it's definitely on the edgy side. I wouldn't want to try to bring it through an airport, that's for sure.

The "guardian angel" bag from Vleiger & Vandam is $372 - does that include the gun?

Etsy always has cute, handmade options for whatever type of product you need, these Lollington cases included:

The pink elephant sleeve is only $37.95. A little funky, a little fun?

The "giant octopi" sleeve is maybe not the most professional option, but it was pretty adorable, so I couldn't resist.

Slightly less "sea creature" but still very organic, this Byrd & Belle sleeve is also on Etsy, but oh so different. I love the mix of leather and wool:


These next sleeves I think are a bit more A's style (the wool case above was probably more mannish and organic than she'd pick), but their flair might be too much for a professional setting. I do love the texture, pattern and color, though, of these Spencer and Rutherford options:

Isn't the color on this "tropical traveller" (directly above) great? It might not be office appropriate for some, but it would've fit in just fine at my previous ad agency job. $199.

This is also Spencer and Rutherford, but a bit more subdued:

The "cobblestone floral" is $209.

And finally (you didn't know I'd come up with this many options, did ya?), you can always count on Juicy Couture for a semi-ridiculous, yet oh-so-appealing option in the laptop case category. This sleeve is $98 and comes in both navy (shown below) and pink of course. Again, maybe doesn't scream "professional" but it does say fun!

So what do you think about these options? See any that you like? I'd love to hear from you on either the options I've shown or any sleeves/bags/cases that I might have missed. Please feel free to comment - I'd love to hear from you


  1. Wow, so many to choose from. I think I like the wooden case best but the price is too much. I'll have to go with the Abbi sleeve in giraffe because I'm wild, Roaaar!

  2. Hey Rachel
    Thank you Thank you Thank you for doing this piece, I found several sleeves that I am excited about, most notable the cases from Abbi. Now how can I trick the hubby into buying this for me. Oh we women have our wily ways ;P

    P.S. I love your comments, they are hilarious, I am surprised you didn't try to superimpose a pic of David Hasselhoff on one of the bags..you know he is our national hero and I would buy it in an instant.