No wonder the world thinks Americans are idiots...

You've all seen it, whether on the web or through a hilarious forwarded email that was going around for what seemed like years. Yes, I'm talking about People of Walmart, where America's best got to shine. Haven't heard of it? Let me enlighten you (or at least refresh your memory, if you got that forward, as I did):

Riiiiight, 'cuz that hair looks cool. (Or maybe he's just gunning to win as "World's Most Extreme Combover" - I think he's in the running for at least top 3...)

This is a good idea to keep the rain off your kids' faces. Very smart thinking, lady.

No comment for Spidey here.

In case you had tired of People of Walmart, here's a new one for you that I couldn't resist sharing: People of the Park - and by "park" they mean Disney World. Yessss.

Spotted on Roblahblog.


  1. is that a double wide stroller in the last photo?

  2. It's hard to tell...the scale of everything in that last photo seems...stretched wider. ;)

  3. Oh GAWD. The Mamasita one is def the worst by far!