You can ring my (taco) bell

St. Patty's Day festivities for us last night included meeting up at a friend's house (where some of the crew ate homemade corned beef...ick), heading downtown to the bars, seeing a couch set on fire in the middle of Main Street (no idea where it came from or why it was there...), 16 of us heading to another bar, and then a few of us heading back to a friend's house. On the walk back to his house, we were discussing the strange fact that I've never eaten anything from Taco Bell. After years of watching friends eat "the Bell" and immediately being sick, I never felt the need to jump in.

But what better night than St. Patrick's to give it a go for the first time, right? You know, because the Irish and Mexicans are so tight. Why not...

Emily and Jessica kindly agreed to make the trek with me while the boys walked back to our friend's place.

Our first viewing...

That's me, peeking out from the back, as we eagerly awaited our order:

Alex, our "dining concierge" for the evening, endorsed our order:

The goods:

I think we ordered about eight combos.

My first taste of Fourthmeal. I chose a chalupa. Wise decision?

Jess receives a call from the boys to pick up some food for them too:

Our second time through the drive-thru. Alex was not as enthusiastic this time:

Finally on our way back home:

This is what an amazing opera singer gets at Taco Bell (pintos and cheese):

Don't pinch me, I was wearing green under all those layers.

All in all, a delicious experience. I'm not going to try and replicate it again anytime soon (my stomach is still making weird sounds), but I'm glad I knocked that one off my to-do list. :)Happy St. Pat's Day, y'all!


  1. oh, well done!
    i loved their bean burritos and little sauce sachets, and experienced no side effects. we have nothing like that in the fast food department over here. i tend to cook sort of mexican style since i love my chili and beans, but sometimes i really miss a quick stop at taco bell...

    looks like you had a craic!

  2. It's about time, Rachel. It's about time.

  3. I can't believe you actually caved! So funny.... We had a Mexican St. Patty's Day too.... but NOT at Taco Hell.